Liberal vs Liberal

We have a strange election coming up next week. Since all the positions are non-partisan, in most races it is a contest between two hippy environmentalist liberals with nearly identical positions. The mayoral race is especially tough. An article in one of the weekly papers with the headline of “The Dans debate their differences,” (oh yeah, did I tell you they are both named Dan?) I couldn’t see any examples of said differences at all. Here is a sample:

Both candidates felt they brought unique skills to the office. McShane said his management style was to have “mutual trust” with employees who liked the projects they worked on.

Pike believes in “effective delegation.” He wants an open process of trust where employees can feel free to express their opinions.


I have never been an undecided voter before, so despite the mind numbing quotes above, I’m actually experiencing a new kind of thrill. Choice! Of course it’s a lot like choosing between a dark chocolate bar with rasberries or a dark chocolate bar with espresso flecks. In other words, I really like both these guys.

Since they both want to clean up Lake Whatcom and stop sprawl and rehabilitate the waterfront and encourage vibrant neighborhoods, I had to consider other factors.

Maybe this will help those of you who are still undecided:


Good luck, Bellinghamsters. I think we’ll be in good hands either way.


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