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Fun time suckers on teh internetz

Ever wondered which celebrity you resemble? After seeing this over at Dcup’s place I thought I would check it out. There are fun little graphics while the computer is scanning your face. I like that Viggo is one of my top matches. heh.

BTW, according to this site, my honey resembles Jake Gyllenhall. Rrrraaaarr!


We’re number 3!

Forbes just released a ranking of America’s greenest and least green states.

On top: Vermont, Oregon and Washington. All have low carbon dioxide emissions per capita (or “carbon footprints”), strong policies to promote energy efficiency and high air quality, as indicated by their major metro areas that are low in smog and ozone pollution. They’re also among the states with the most buildings (on a per capita basis) that have received the U.S. Green Building Council’s benchmark certification, known as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

To be fair, this ranking is in part a result of geographic luck. Unlike in many of southern California’s valleys, smog does not tend to get trapped over our urban areas. And it rains. Our low carbon emission could be mainly a result of getting most of our electricity from hydropower (Uh oh, global warming – glaciers come back!!!!). Here in Washington about 30% of our land is federally owned (national Forests and parks) with 10% protected wilderness.

So who’s at the bottom? Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Indiana and, at No. 50, West Virginia. All suffer from a mix of toxic waste, lots of pollution and consumption and no clear plans to do anything about it. Expect them to remain that way.

A depressing final line to the article, isn’t it?

Anyway, it was an interesting read. How did your state do?

Juno tossed me in with the dittoheads

Guess what? I still use dial-up to connect to the internet tubes. I feel pretty good about saving about $30 a month for the past 4 years or so. My ISP is Juno, so I get to look at their welcome screen filled with ads and some news headines. At first they provided New York Times headlines. Then, they downgraded to USA today. Then they started putting entertainment headlines at the top. Now USA Today is gone and the news headlines are from something called “Topix,” which I’m guessing is some sort of inferior version of Google News. The problem is, the real news stories are almost never there. So the top story is “Britney goes dog shopping” and if you scroll down to news headlines you get stuff like “Obama refuses to wear flag on lapel” or some shit and it stays there for DAYS!

The most disturbing thing about these Topix stories is that when you click the link, you go to a page that has the headline and lead paragraph, followed by reader comments. A second click on a link will take you to the REAL story. So yesterday I made the mistake of following a link entitled Carbon Removal Has Little Impact, and was greeted by the dittoheads slapping each other on the back and reassuring each other that it’s okay to be greedy because there’s nothing we can do to stop global warming. In their minds, a much scarier scenario (than the end of life as we know it on the planet) is living with fewer things. The first comment was a doozy and I got so worked up I jumped right in. Let me just say I was unsuccessful at building any bridges.

One thing that infuriates me about how many stories are covered in the MSM is how they usually take one topic in isolation. No wonder the global warming deniers are so gleeful. It’s easy to argue that it’s pointless to try to change the earth’s climate. They could even be right that we can’t stop global warming. But that does not mean we should not still take steps to reduce our footprint. As my reader is aware, the same unsustainable lifestyle that causes global warming is already causing suffering for many and will eventually affect everyone’s quality of life.

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.” -John Muir

Why are people afraid share the earth’s resources, to try to prevent other people from suffering?

I think foreign exchange programs should be mandatory for American students. In one generation you could see a major attitude shift in this country. Oh, but how would we pay for it. Lets see, where did I put that extra $3.5 Trillion?……..

Greetings From The Fourth Corner

Klingons visit Mt Shuksan