A play day

Went up to the local ski hill today on my day off and took some turns down the slopes. I thought of you all and took a few snappers for your enjoyment.
That’s American Border Peak above in the middle. Pity the unprepared smugglers who try to come in across these mountains from the Fraser River Valley in BC. Yes, they try.
And there’s Ruth Mountain, peeking out from behind the shoulder of Shuksan. And Hannegan Peak on the left. I took this from the top of Chair 8.
Oh, Shuksan was there, too, I just did not stay late enough to get the good light. I love the blue glow of the glaciers. Here it is:
I took this last shot during my last lift ride of the day. The tallest mountain is Tomyhoi. There’s a great summer trail up there. A weather system is moving in from the west.
I made it down the mountain in time to meet the boy after school! Great day.


1 Response to “A play day”

  1. 1 dcup January 19, 2008 at 3:03 pm

    Simply breathtaking! And it sounds like fun!

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