Multiple Choice

I took a few online pick your candidate quizzes tonight.

I started with the USA Today Candidate match game
My top candidate is Joseph Biden, followed by Mike Gravel and Dennis Kucinich. This quiz was very entertaining graphics-wise. The candidates heads rise up on a graph as you answer. And after you are done you can “tweak” your positions on different issues to see how that changes the results.

At I learned that Mike Gravel shares a 94% similarity with my beliefs.
(Obama was 76 and Clinton 75). The site has very fairly comprehensive explanations of the results including links and media. For example, did you know Gravel said that “marijuana has recuperative powers”? I had fun looking at the different candidates, how closely I aligned with them on certain issues, and why. (Secret: I did not even know who Gravel was before tonight. Thanks, MSM!)

At the Washington Post, I was able to take a detailed quiz from which my only possible results were Clinton and Obama. It consisted of a series of policy statements where you had to choose the most palatable answer. The two candidates were pretty close on most topics. I was 42% Hillary and 57% Barack. I agreed with Clinton on Health Care, education, social security and national security and with Obama on immigration, energy policy, economics and the Iraq War. Oh.

Mind numb. Must get away from computer screen now. Goodnight


2 Responses to “Multiple Choice”

  1. 1 Nathan February 5, 2008 at 10:02 am

    Gravel’s still running? Damn, I thought he dropped out months (years? Decades? How long has this election cycle been running this time anyway?) ago. If it weren’t for my fervent belief that any Republican choice would just run is deeper into the ground, I almost wish that one of the thugs WOULD win since the next President or two is pretty much screwed at this point. It’s going to take a lot of hard work and time before we’re back on a track where people actually trust our government (sort of) again. Unless, of course, collectively we really ARE as phenomenally stupid as the majority has seemed for the past seven years.

  2. 2 Slow Motion February 9, 2008 at 9:50 am

    I took the USA Today poll and found out I’m a Republican! So I must conclude that the usefulness of the poll is limited. After all, it asks multiple choice questions that deserve to be essay questions of extensive depth. It requires single answers where more than one answer can apply. For instance, a carbon emission tax would go well with investment in alternative energy. The tax alone only increases the cost of the status quo – a cost that our society would surely pay to maintain its opulent consumerism. Those tax dollars would need to be directed toward solutions.

    However, our sound-byte election process doesn’t allow real use of extensive discussion. Certainly in committees and reports such discussion of issues must take place. I cling to the belief that much thought and research go into all the positions on which our leaders take an official stand. If they cannot boil down the complexity of the issue to a sound-byte, though, they cannot use that position in the election.

    I am a perfect example of why this may be so. I tend to gather my data in ten second bursts. It is difficult to find the time and interest to give these issues the thought they deserve.

    Let’s consider alternative energy investment. For some, this translates directly into nuclear energy investment. Nuclear energy has this small but *heavy* monkey on its back – radioactive pollution. So, of course, the sound byte refers only to alternative energy.

    The question is, why do I still vote democrat when USA Today thinks most of my positions are Republican? The Republicans are responsible for keeping global warming off the table for so long. After decades of well funded denial, it will take them decades of devotion to earn any intellectual collateral in that arena. Republicans research first their interests and accept contrary data only after all other avenues have been exhausted.

    I prefer to be ‘progressive’ rather than ‘liberal’. It seems to me that ‘conservationist’ is a conservative position. I want to know what reality is illuminated by the data more than I want to know how my position is supported by the data.

    Anyway, just a few thoughts for The Fourth Corner. Thanks for the pics and all.

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