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Being Caribou

I just finished this inspiring book:
Being Caribou by Karsten Heuer.

Karsten and Leanne are the two Canadians who followed the Porcupine Caribou Herd from the Yukon to their calving grounds on the Coastal Plain of Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and back. On foot. They decided that following the Caribou migration full circle would help them understand the effect oil and gas development will have on the herd and everything else in that web of life that is existing in the “refuge.” It was also their honeymoon.

Their 5 month odessy made for a page turning wilderness adventure narrative complete with weather, bugs, grizzlies, raging rivers, physical exhaustion, birth and death. While pushing themselves to the limit physically and mentally, they also filmed a documentary with the same title. Very cool.


They brought a mini George W. Bush “action” figure with them, which was both funny and poignant if you see the film, but W. was absent from the book.

One of the most satisfying parts of the book for me was “watching” Karsten metamorphose from an intense and grumpy person at the beginning of the trip to someone more likeable to me as a reader. It was a pleasure to see all those “extra layers” we accumulate in our modern human life melt away and watch him relax into the moment. I don’t want to give away too much, but Karsten and Leanne really did become Caribou, tapping into a higher level of conciousness that is seldom experienced.


I had put both the book and video documentary on hold at the library and the movie came in first. I recommend starting with the book, because it’s so much more complete a picture of the journey.

P.S. Dr. Monkey, I was too shy to join the spring reading blog because while I have a reading addiction, I am very afraid of writing!


Things you don’t see every day

Alligator:0 Burmese Python:0

From the BBC:

The Burmese Python tried to swallow its fearsome rival whole but then exploded.

The remains of the two giant reptiles were found by astonished rangers in the Everglades National Park.

There are discarded pet Burmese Pythons thriving in the Everglades. This can’t be good.

Rest in Peace, Cachao

Another great one goes to the other side. Legendary Cuban Muscian Israel ‘Cachao” Lopez died last weekend at the age of 89.

That’s Cachao on bajo. You might recognize actor Andy Garcia in there, too.

Question of the day

Or Mustard?

I’ve noticed that people’s tastes run to one side or the other. Some are drawn to the sweet and mild, some to the bite of vinegar.

Do you enjoy pickles, olives, a smear of Dijon on cheese? You are a mustard.

Do you put ketchup on your breakfast potatoes and love baked beans with your dogs? Ketchup.

I’m definitely a mustard. Despite using tomato based sauces in most things I cook, I can’t even eat breakfast foods off a plate that’s been contaminated with ketchup. Give me some chipotle tabasco on those potatoes, please.

My informal survey of teh internetz leads me to believe ketchup is more popular. This is Ketchup Restaurant in West Hollywood:

But then mustard does have its own museum in Mt Horeb, Wisconson.

I’m sure we can all get along. I’m in a mixed marriage myself.

Think about it

Fresh News

Read in the Herald that Legislators in Olympia yesterday passed a bill to better connect schools with local farms. Currently schools are required to go through regional and national distributors to get produce. The Local Farms Healthy Kids bill appropriates $1.5 million towards cutting out the middle man, getting food straight from farms into the cafeteria and benefiting both local farms and kids. Yay!

I just found out this week that Growing Washington, a local nonprofit, already delivers local food to 7 nearby schools through their pilot Farm to Cafeteria program. Kids are also learning about local and regional farms and food systems. Cool beans, man. I expect we’ll see much more of this in the coming years, especially with state support.

This week is nutrition week at school, so the boy has a project where he is tracking all his food intake for five days. Dang, no doughnuts for dinner this week. A local orchard (probably Bellewood acres) came in to the school and did an apple taste test with the kids.
The winner: Fuji
The loser (duh): Red Delicious.

A Stealth Wedding

I finally got hold of the pics from V and G’s wedding party last month.

The evening was a blast, complete with
Decoy brides

A kick ass air band

A bouquet toss

And lots more.

For more pics click link.
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