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Garden Roll Call

Tulips and Forget-Me-Nots


Back From Humboldt

I just got back from a visit to my hometown. The parents are well, the beaches are still fantastic, the place looks amazingly unchanged in the 20 years since I moved away. What a contrast to the Western Washington town I live in now. In 12 years Bellingham has turned from a stinky mill town with a college and some hippies to a greenway-infested condo-sporting yuppie paradise with 10,000 new neighbors. Thankfully the progressive scene is alive and well.

Anyway, while we were away I took a few snapshots with my ailing camera.

Indian Beach trail at Trinidad. The pack is filled with Steelhead Pale Ale. Yum.

There was quite a bit of hula hooping going on.

hula hoopin\'

If you’ve gone down to the Redwoods you’ve seen the Trees of Mystery. Looks like someone needs to take Paul’s axe away.

Uh oh babe

The trees are bigger than average.

Jedidiah Smith State Park

More things you don’t see every day

I’m working in the office downtown and it’s warm enough today to crack a window. Someone out on the street has been honking their horn constantly for the past 20 minutes or so. I finally looked out the window to see what was up and there is a pickup truck with a big chocolate lab in the driver’s seat. She’s honking the horn, barking out the cracked window, and clearly whining, “Where the fuck are you, master?”


The masterĀ had betterĀ return soon. She’s getting pissed.