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Sauk River

Just returned from 3 days on the Upper Sauk River. It was remarkable to travel this waterway that in 2003 took out several cabins hanging on to its banks. The houses are totally gone. Except, they actually are not totally gone, they are scattered along the banks of this river for miles.

Propane tanks, kitchen floors, lawnmowers, a generator, a vacuum cleaner, bicycles, more blue tarps than a person would ever want to see, a tent trailer, huge decks, carpets, kitchen drawers and cabinets, a plastic toy outhouse (??!), and even an oil painting of an elk. Hey that painting has held up well wrapped around a stick on the riverbank for the past 5 years!

I was on a volunteer trip with the Nature Conservancy, surveying and treating a noxious weed called Japanese Knotweed.

Because of this work we stopped and walked each gravel bar, bushwhacking through brush (watch out for the nettles and devils club!) and climbing massive logjams (watch out for the rusty nails!) I was not expecting to see so much  human detritus, but it was interesting. The boy would have loved it.

The wild character was still there on the river, however. I saw tracks of coyote, bear, deer, racoon and squirrel.

There were eagles and nighthawks. As we explored all the riverbanks there were so many small flowers and plants I wanted to stop and identify. There were tadpoles and salmon fry in ponds. And we did not see anyone outside our group for three days.

Thanks, Shane, the trip was fantastic and the food was marvelous.

Not a bad way to get to work, eh?


A good use for a chain link fence

It’s berry time.

The Loganberry canes are laden.

First year of harvesting the blueberries. This is Brigitta, she’s almost ready.

(I found a camera to use so I am back in business. Bummer about not capturing the last 3 months of the garden, though.)

Does this show ever blow

After reading all the drooling on various blogs about this awesome show called Lost, I finally went to the video store and rented disc one season one. Holy crap it sucked. So, is it supposed to be so bad it’s good? Maybe I would have enjoyed it more if someone was on the couch making fun of it with me. I’m amazed that pilot ever led to a show.

It was the most unrealistic piece of shit I can imagine. These people have just survived a plane crash and only one person is injured. They don’t even bother to move away from he flaming wreckage. For days no one mentions food, water or shelter. They just hang out doing their nails and shit, bathing in salt water, or walking around shirtless in the blazing sun. It was kind of funny watching all the extras inexplicably running back and forth in the background. And there are fun camera angles featuring various sexy body parts and, oh, the wet T-shirts. Ha ha ha ha ha!!

Okay, maybe all it’s about is the chance to enjoy looking at this:

Naveen Andrews

Naveen Andrews

Or this:

Daniel Dae Kim

Daniel Dae Kim

Remember that Star Trek Voyager episode “Blink of an Eye” where Daniel Dae Kim guest starred as the guy from the planet that spins so fast it creates a different space time differential – one second on Voyager = a year on the planet? One of my all time faves.

Don’t forget this beauty:

Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly

You know, I’d better go get disc 2…