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Fall Potpourri

The alternative is doing household accounting, so I’ll just catch you up on goings on around Casa beatgrl.

It is was 39 degrees when I woke up, and the temperature is supposed to push 80 today. WooHoo! Indian summer! I’ll be taking the kids to the lake shortly.

Yesterday husband and I went on a fun bike ride along the Suiattle River, past where the road is washed out. Check it out – this cool campground is now three miles beyond the end of the road:

I went to the dentist today (thank you for the birthday checks, mom and dad) and found out I need about $1200 worth of dental work. Do you even need to ask whether I have dental insurance?

Husband got me a really fun toy for my birthday, and despite my usual insistence that I prefer practical gifts, I’m really diggin it. After I have to sell my car to pay my dental bills, I’ll be nice to be able to listen to music on my bike.

The new ipod forced me to upgrade all the software on my computer, so now my “Top 25” is back to normal in itunes (minus whatever I listened to in the months I had to regress to an older version of itunes – long, boring story). So it’s time to pick up on the fun music meme I got from mathman and westcoast walker.

Disclaimer: This is only the music I listen to at my home desk. If you count what I listen to in the car while commuting, there would be a LOT more Radiohead (And a lot of college radio) on this list:

1. Noche de Rumberos – Miguel Cruz y Skins

2. The Foosa Attack – Heitor Pereira (Madagascar Soundtrack) – The 8 year old knows how to use repeat feature!

3. La Murga – Willie Colon

4. Canto Para Elegua Y Chango – Orishas

5. La Culebra – Beny More

6. Mambo Yo Yo – Ricardo Lemvo

7. Ay Que Rico II – Eddie Palmieri

8. Bilongo – Tito Rodriguez

9. Obatala – Bobi Cespedes

10. Samba Luku Samba – Ricardo Lemvo

Okay, that’s enough typing, we’ll stop at 10, though in case you are curious, Beth Orton, Beck and Cornershop were the three English speakers to make the top 25.

The summer season is over at work, so I’ll have more time to visit you all. I’m also going do some more latex mask/wig things for Halloween. Remember these?

I might even try to learn how to use the sewing machine so I can go all out on costumes.

Cheers, beatgrl


Smart and Unpopular

I see that Dennis Kucinich is voting against the wall street bailout plan. Shakesville has a video and transcript of his speech. When I was a schoolgirl, I thought this was what presidents were supposed to sound like. Intelligence, eloquence and common sense aren’t always rewarded when they should be.


One of my life’s blessings is having a husband who is a wonderful, creative cook. (That’s code for he does not use recipes) Mix that with a weekly box of produce and the result is we are eating some fresh amazing meals. Anyway, husband (no, he doesn’t have a blogging nickname yet and mr beatgrl just isn’t cutting it) made these delicious chicken enchiladas for my birthday last Tuesday. They were so good I want to make them again.

The sauce: Tomatillos, Big heirloom tomato, can of diced tomatoes and green chiles, can of tomato sauce, onion, jalapeno.

I think he sauteed the onions, added everything else and simmered for over an hour. Maybe there were extra spices but I don’t think so. So simple!

Then he grilled the chicken breast in the iron skillet and layered it with the sauce and corn tortillas and cheese. Yum!!

I rarely try to do anything with tomatillos and they were in the box again this week. I’ve got some cilantro and I’m going to make some salsa verde with roasted tomatillos and peppers. Okay, I’m heading for the kitchen. I’ve got a pile of plums to process, too.

P.S. Honey, if I missed something from your sauce leave a note in comments. XOX

The nature of attraction

I was wondering, readers, do you believe we are emitting odorless chemicals into the air all the time and the right mixture can make us all kinds of crazy?  I’ve decided I do believe it. Here’s one example:

There’s a certain checkout guy at my favorite grocery store here in town. He’s fairly good looking, tall, probably early 20s, with often bloodshot eyes and messy hair which gives him an “I just got out of bed” look. Well, I swear this guy must be pumping out some serious pheromones because whenever I end up in his line I actually go through physical changes. My heart starts pumping, my hands shake, I drop things, and I have to concentrate so hard on keeping my cool and not staring at him that I forget to enter my PIN in the machine. I don’t even know this guy’s name, and we have no friendship or emotional connection at all. In fact, one day I tried to make conversation and he was, oh how can I put it nicely, clueless.

But every time he looks at me he smiles and his eyes dance and it feels like I’m being seduced. Then I feel totally exposed and embarrassed, as if he knows he has this power over me. There’s no way a young buck like this guy has any interest in an old lady like me. I know I am not interested in him. So why the reaction every time I see him? I meet many many gorgeous men and women (oh, yes, the mountain climbers!) at my job and I can appreciate their attractiveness but it doesn’t turn me into a bumbling fool. And then some random guy at the store just kicks me on my ass. Why?

Anyway, the checkout guy effect, like all crushes, it will fade away in time until it seems ridiculous. I just want to know why these things happen. Could there really be a secret subconscious chemical thing going on between all of us all the time? Does it effect everyone or only certain people and dogs? I remember reading somewhere that there are no studies showing that pheromones are real but I don’t believe it.  I know that I have felt a connection between me and my child that is primal and instinctual. I think parents and children form these bonds by touching and smelling each other.

Have you ever been affected by a total stranger, just floored for no reason at all? Do you believe in “chemistry?”

Missing person

Ed and Chris behind the bar at Romeos

I was just thinking back on my boozy college days and wondering what happened to my friend and co-worker Ed O’Leary. That’s him on the left and Chris Dunn on the right (another lost friend!) They were our fantastic bartenders at Romeo’s on Barton Springs road.

It was Halloween 1994. Remember that night? I’m not sure I would if I didn’t have pictures to prove I was there. I do remember cruising sixth street with Monica and Ed. Many bars were visited, go-go dancing was involved and, based on my photo album, some activities took place in a hotel (?!) room. Ah, good times.

Anyway, Ed was a real sweetheart, and we became close during a very rough period in his life. Not long after this, Ed took off for snowboarding in Salt Lake City and I moved to the northwest. We lost touch (my fault) and I have not been able to find him since. I wonder how things have turned out. Ed, I hope you google yourself sometime and find this.

Cheers, T

Happy Anniversary

12 years! Here we are on Cougar Divide celebrating last weekend. I love you.

Soccer Mom

So proud of my player. Here he is, second from left.

Gotta go, Mr. beatgrl and I are snack parents today.