One of my life’s blessings is having a husband who is a wonderful, creative cook. (That’s code for he does not use recipes) Mix that with a weekly box of produce and the result is we are eating some fresh amazing meals. Anyway, husband (no, he doesn’t have a blogging nickname yet and mr beatgrl just isn’t cutting it) made these delicious chicken enchiladas for my birthday last Tuesday. They were so good I want to make them again.

The sauce: Tomatillos, Big heirloom tomato, can of diced tomatoes and green chiles, can of tomato sauce, onion, jalapeno.

I think he sauteed the onions, added everything else and simmered for over an hour. Maybe there were extra spices but I don’t think so. So simple!

Then he grilled the chicken breast in the iron skillet and layered it with the sauce and corn tortillas and cheese. Yum!!

I rarely try to do anything with tomatillos and they were in the box again this week. I’ve got some cilantro and I’m going to make some salsa verde with roasted tomatillos and peppers. Okay, I’m heading for the kitchen. I’ve got a pile of plums to process, too.

P.S. Honey, if I missed something from your sauce leave a note in comments. XOX


1 Response to “Tomatillos”

  1. 1 dcup September 27, 2008 at 4:04 pm

    That sounds really wonderful. I’m going to have to try that.

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