Fall Potpourri

The alternative is doing household accounting, so I’ll just catch you up on goings on around Casa beatgrl.

It is was 39 degrees when I woke up, and the temperature is supposed to push 80 today. WooHoo! Indian summer! I’ll be taking the kids to the lake shortly.

Yesterday husband and I went on a fun bike ride along the Suiattle River, past where the road is washed out. Check it out – this cool campground is now three miles beyond the end of the road:

I went to the dentist today (thank you for the birthday checks, mom and dad) and found out I need about $1200 worth of dental work. Do you even need to ask whether I have dental insurance?

Husband got me a really fun toy for my birthday, and despite my usual insistence that I prefer practical gifts, I’m really diggin it. After I have to sell my car to pay my dental bills, I’ll be nice to be able to listen to music on my bike.

The new ipod forced me to upgrade all the software on my computer, so now my “Top 25” is back to normal in itunes (minus whatever I listened to in the months I had to regress to an older version of itunes – long, boring story). So it’s time to pick up on the fun music meme I got from mathman and westcoast walker.

Disclaimer: This is only the music I listen to at my home desk. If you count what I listen to in the car while commuting, there would be a LOT more Radiohead (And a lot of college radio) on this list:

1. Noche de Rumberos – Miguel Cruz y Skins

2. The Foosa Attack – Heitor Pereira (Madagascar Soundtrack) – The 8 year old knows how to use repeat feature!

3. La Murga – Willie Colon

4. Canto Para Elegua Y Chango – Orishas

5. La Culebra – Beny More

6. Mambo Yo Yo – Ricardo Lemvo

7. Ay Que Rico II – Eddie Palmieri

8. Bilongo – Tito Rodriguez

9. Obatala – Bobi Cespedes

10. Samba Luku Samba – Ricardo Lemvo

Okay, that’s enough typing, we’ll stop at 10, though in case you are curious, Beth Orton, Beck and Cornershop were the three English speakers to make the top 25.

The summer season is over at work, so I’ll have more time to visit you all. I’m also going do some more latex mask/wig things for Halloween. Remember these?

I might even try to learn how to use the sewing machine so I can go all out on costumes.

Cheers, beatgrl


1 Response to “Fall Potpourri”

  1. 1 Oceanrevery October 3, 2008 at 9:35 am

    Qapla’batlh je!

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