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When Pumpkins Drink Too Much

Happy Halloween Friends! Remember, beer before wine is fine…or hmm. Watch out for the shots…


Math Problem

I can’t stop laughing.

I joined facebook a couple days ago in order to reconnect with an old friend from college. I went ahead and joined the Obama supporters group which as of Thursday at 7:52pm has 2,243,591 members. That’s several thousand more than when I joined. Tonight I thought I would see what McCain’s presence is like there. Someone started a group called 1,000,000 Strong for McCain Palin ’08. How many people are in the group, do you think?

Answer: 182,389.

(That’s more than “McCain for President” which only had 71,000)

Today in things I can hardly live without

There is something you might not know about me. I am a huge radio fan.

My first radio memory was from third grade, when I was startled out of bed by my clock radio blaring out “My Sharona” in the middle of the night. But it was at 10 years old, when my family lived in Oak Park Illinois, a few blocks from the Chicago city limits, that the world opened up to me through that little dial. Once I discovered I could sample so much I was hooked. By junior high, I was in Philadelphia, where I practically lived on the floor in front of my stereo, scanning stations continuously and making mix tapes. Then there was the fun of calling the station trying to get through for a contest. What exactly was the best strategy for trying to be the 3rd or 9th caller? All I know was there were a lot of busy signals and my finger would get sore from all the dialing. Yes, dialing. The rotary phone. One time I got on the air requesting David Bowie. I was so nervous I could barely handle it.

During the Reagan years of high school my parents had NPR on every night and I listened to All Things Considered while washing dishes. By the time I was old enough to vote for the first time I had enough information to know I did not want Bush Sr. elected and I even volunteered registering democrats.

During my brief experience in the corporate world in Houston I worked a mind numbingly boring job as a temp cataloging geologic data for a major oil company. What saved me? At 2:00 Terry Gross and Fresh Air came on, and I was allowed to listen on my headphones during work.

My old DJ fantasies came true a few years back when I got to go on the air and spin a couple tracks at KUGS while promoting an upcoming show for my band. Come to think of it, we even played live in the studio once. Yay for radio!

I still have a couple of those old Philadelphia mix tapes. And I still listen to the radio every day. I don’t know what I would do without it.

Since commercial radio annoys the shit out of me. I’m lucky to live in a town with 2 npr affiliates, an excellent college station, a radio museum station, and even a pirate old timey station. If I can handle the ads, I can also hear French, Chinese and Punjabi stations which radiate down from Canada. And it’s free.

Sometimes when I consider moving up to the mountains I think about what I’d be missing. I guess I’d be missing all these crazy invisible waves passing though me all the time.

The kiddo and I are going to build a radio out of a paper towel tube and foil. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Carry On

The checkout guy effect: still a factor. I got through last week with no problem so I thought it had blown over. But then today…I mean, what kind of store allows employees to wear tanktops with ski hats anyway? I’m just saying…


Yay, it’s this much closer to being over!

In other exciting news, our first family pet has come home. His name is either Barfdude or Deoxys. We’ll see which one sticks. Isn’t he gorgeous?

Seen around town

Luckily Wings leather shop doesn’t have to go far for a new sign.

Jonny Greenwood is the Controller

My newfound affinity for Radiohead (Yes I know, I’m slow) has led me to yet another new musical discovery. Reggae fan (and Radiohead guitarist) Jonny Greenwood was set loose in the vaults of Trojan records and pulled together a compilation of the hottest reggae tracks I’ve heard in ages. Including this smooth and tasty morsel:

Let Me Down Easy by Derrick Herriott (Sadly, it’s audio only)

Other standout tracks right away for me are Cool Rasta by the Heptones and Lee Scatch Perry’s Black Panta. This one is getting heavy rotation on the ipod. Highly recommended!