Jonny Greenwood is the Controller

My newfound affinity for Radiohead (Yes I know, I’m slow) has led me to yet another new musical discovery. Reggae fan (and Radiohead guitarist) Jonny Greenwood was set loose in the vaults of Trojan records and pulled together a compilation of the hottest reggae tracks I’ve heard in ages. Including this smooth and tasty morsel:

Let Me Down Easy by Derrick Herriott (Sadly, it’s audio only)

Other standout tracks right away for me are Cool Rasta by the Heptones and Lee Scatch Perry’s Black Panta. This one is getting heavy rotation on the ipod. Highly recommended!


1 Response to “Jonny Greenwood is the Controller”

  1. 1 natchrl8r October 11, 2008 at 12:55 am

    I’ve only recently discovered Radiohead too. Not that I could even name one track here but they’ve gotten inordinate play on the pod and have made several top 25’s.

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