A fine post Thanksgiving Sunday

Clayton Beach

I’ve been way to lazy to write here in a while. The past week for me has consisted mainly of cooking, cleaning, cooking, cleaning, more cleaning, cooking, and even some eating. Our Thanksgiving guests blew us off and made other plans, so the meal I had been prepping and shopping for for a week was suddenly in limbo. However, the 24 (!) pound fresh turkey was already in the lovely orange/herb brine and was going to be roasted either way. And the pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce were made. We could have had a nice dinner with just the three of us, but a turkey that big, when it came out of the oven in all its crispy brown herb rubbed juicy basted deliciousness, begged to be shared. We took the turkey and pie and cranberries and yukon potatoes and romanesco over to some friends who were having a potluck. A potluck that was missing a turkey. Now, back at home we have moved on to the turkey soup, turkey sandwiches, turkey chili, turkey pad thai, turkey enchiladas. Yeah, it was a lot of bird.

Big Sandbox

It’s been raining for days, but it let up yesterday, so Natchrl8r and I took the boy and his friend to the beach. On the way I stopped to take a couple snappers at the downtown waterfront. There used to be a pulp mill and tissue mill right in the middle of town. Now that GP has moved on, probably to countries with fewer environmental regulations, the old buildings are being demolished and the area will be redeveloped. Every day I go by the area, I see a bit more water and island views.

New WhatcomWaterfront RecylingSunset over Old Town


2 Responses to “A fine post Thanksgiving Sunday”

  1. 1 DCup December 1, 2008 at 1:55 pm

    That sounds like fun. What beautiful views!

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