Subdued Superbowl

On superbowl morning I realize that I need  to check in with Mr. beatgrl to see which teams are playing, and I’m secretly a little bit proud of that. The Peelers and the Stackers, okay.  We kiss dadzy goodbye as he departs for the office and it turns into a lazy day — the boys and I lounge in PJs all day long. Miraculously, the kids don’t ask for screen time and instead spend the morning reenacting historical events using Lego bricks. Montgomery bus boycott!! And of course the destruction of the Twin Towers. Around 3:00, I realize I could be drinking or eating guacamole — it’s practically my patriotic duty. I do get a small rush enjoying the thought of my Freedom® but I am unable to muster the energy to celebrate a sports game when the city is in sleep mode with gray clouds sending down a drizzle. Quiet.

A bit before 5pm, his friend heads home and the boy and I finally rally — out of the house to meet friends for dinner. So glad we did. Once outside we tasted the dense air, which was at once oppressive and comforting. We delighted in the empty streets — muffled by low clouds, the nearly unpopulated city being washed clean in a downpour. Once in the restaurant and heading into the bar for a Margarita, I unexpectedly arrive just in time to catch Fergie and Slash on the TV. Lucky me. Dumbfounded and confused, I barf a little in my mind and step back into the front room to rejoin my friends. A little while later, boy and I head over to visit dad, who listened to the event on the radio in his office-cave. We felt a tinge of sadness seeing his lone car in the dark rain as we pulled into the lot.

Back home, I skim the archived LiveSlog of the event, with particular attention to 5:09-5:22 which hilariously summed up the salient points regarding the halftime show. Now I am motivated to watch some video of the performances. Wow, the sound was messed up. I feel for the Black Eyed Peas because that mix really made them sound like crap, at least on the version I watched which some guy videotaped off his TV screen. Still really skeeved by the Sweet Child-O -Mine nightmare but I have to watch it again for the child’s benefit. And then it got worse. As someone in the slogosphere noted – the fake audience performed better than the stars onstage. The LED suit dancing probably looked cool from the stands – they were making hearts, how lovely is that? Didn’t really translate well onto TV, at least via the grainy “person with a camera standing in front of a TV filming” version I saw.  Checked one important commercial (Cowboys and Aliens — looks like crap but we’ll probably see it in the theater.) And we’re done!

Oh yes and there was also a football game but I won’t remember who won until I check the news tomorrow morning.

Then we built a magnetic linear accelerator! The End.

Taping on the last magnet, before attaching the steel balls.



Ps for Web 2.0 critics– leave Fergie alone!


1 Response to “Subdued Superbowl”

  1. 1 natoslug February 8, 2011 at 11:41 am

    So you finally decided to post again. About friggin’ time. 😛

    I missed the Superbowl this year. I had to take a walk or take out the trash or something important like that and oops!, it was over. There wasn’t enough beer, or margaritas, in the world to convince me to sit through the Superbowl for a second time (yes, I watched it last year, for the first, and hopefully last, time).

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